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Saying goodbye for now

Kind friends, the time has come to say goodbye for now. I haven’t been teaching the writing class lately that is the raison d’etre for this blog, and it’s now time to re-up the domain and tools.  Since proceeds from the class paid the fees, I’m going to be practical and let go, especially since […]

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The power of family stories

I’m resurrecting this post because the article cited is so affirming.  Affirmation is welcome even when recycled, right? ——————————————— Storytelling hit the news recently, in the New York Times no less, with research regarding the importance of family stories on child development. Bruce Feiler authored the article about a study conducted by Marshall Duke at Emory […]

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Summer writing prompts

I’ve been enjoying reading Abilgail Thomas’ book, Thinking About Memoir. It offers many succinct and thought provoking observations as well as a boat load of compelling writing prompts, and all in a slim 108 pages. One reviewer writes this perfect assessment: “If [you] aren’t afraid to dig deep, zero in on details, write an honest […]

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