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  • a gathering place for writers & readers of flash-length creative nonfiction
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  • a compendium of writing tools, tips, exercises, and sample stories
  • and, most of all, encouragement to write our momentous, funny, ancestral, inspiring, tragic, steamy, poignant, scathing, blue, daring, VERY SHORT stories

What are flash memoirs?

Flash-length stories are intensified tales, 2000 words or less, confined to one small storyline. Memoirs are personal stories from a period of your life – versus an autobiography, which is usually a chronological account of your life. So, flash memoirs are flash-length, personal stories that stick to one small storyline.

See flash basics and sample stories to get a better idea of how this is carried out.

Christine Houser, Founder

I’ve had a lifelong passion for petite, pithy, personal stories and was writing flash stories long before I knew what they were called. Discovering the principles of flash writing dramatically improved my journal keeping – especially the ones I keep for my nieces of family stories – and the content in my handmade artist books.

Professionally, I am a content manager at MSN.com. I also hold a master’s degree in adult education, and have designed many technical training programs for radio, TV, and magazine companies.  Designing and teaching classes, and taking classes, are some of my favorite pastimes. I teach beginning and advanced Flash Memoirs workshops, which combine flash writing traits with personal stories – see more here about class offerings. My stories have been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies, most recently Somerset Studio magazine and the What I Couldn’t Tell My Mother anthology.

My Flash Biography [ala Joe Brainard]

–  I remember bell bottoms, banana seats, and macrame.
–  I remember my first crush on my summer camp counselor.
–  I remember Nixon getting caught.
–  I remember sneaking a teenaged peek at Fear of Flying.
–  I remember betting on race horses with grandma.
–  I remember being told when I graduated high school not to let anyone know I could type
100 words per minute.
–  I remember sex before HIV & AIDS.
–  I remember feeling rich earning $30,000 a year.
–  I remember anxiously awaiting printed photos from my first trip abroad to arrive in the mail.
–  I remember eating beignets at the French Market in New Orleans.
–  I remember silver flashes of salmon roiling toward me up the Duwamish River.
–  I remember being in awe of the first software programmer I worked with.

And I anticipate adding this one soon:
–  I remember the poetic view from the Seattle viaduct.


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