Top 5 posts of 2013

It’s always interesting to review the blog stats at the end of the year to see what has risen to the top:

1.  This post, at the heart of it all, was the most widely read for the second year in a row.
     What makes a flash story?

2.  This post garnered the most tweets and comments in the past year:
     Why free-write the first draft?

3.  Not just popular with readers, this idea generated an extraordinary project among my writerly friends and resulted in a beautiful hand-bound collection of poems for each of us. We learned so many wondrous things about each other – and ourselves – by completing this exercise. Thank you George Ella Lyon.
     Writing Wonder: Where I’m From

4.  This was my favorite news of the year and it traveled like wild fire through the storytelling circle on Twitter more than once.
     The power of family stories

5.  And this guest post by Tami Koenig, Your Story Coach, illuminated a universal challenge and gave us an insightful writing exercise and sample.
     How to write about family & friends

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