Last Night, the Little Dipper Looked Like … by Ethel Rohan

I fell in love this week with 100 Word Story, a literary journal of “perfect shards”, an exemplar of form that allows the writer “to keep a story free from explanation” – a distinction of flash writing.  To pick the Spotlight story for August, I wrote the titles of the first eight stories featured on the journal website on raffle tickets and asked my neighbor to pick one from a paper bag.  Here’s the winner – I hope you’ll go to the journal to read it again and its equally-excellent company.

Last Night, the Little Dipper Looked Like the Walgreen’s Pharmacy Cup
by Ethel Rohan

On the street, I pass a man eating a sandwich and the waft of onion walks with me a while. The rattle of metal tags on a collar and I always have to look, make sure the dog isn’t loose and fierce. Three weeks ago, my mother died and I thanked God. This week, a glance at her photograph reminds, feels like a slap to my heart. The cards, flowers, and phone calls have stopped. Already. I almost turn around on the street and return to the company of the smell of onion, offer my hand for it to take.


More featured flash stories for your reading pleasure.

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