Race Point by Janet MacFadyen

To celebrate the arrival of summer vacation season and walks with the dog on the beach at sunset — and the turning of the world in general — I bring you a lyrical flash story by Janet MacFayden published at Sweet literary journal.

Race Point
by Janet MacFayden

Almost sunset. The earth hangs by a thread.
Now the sun is the sea. Now the dunes are an ocean swell.
There are the whales that turn the crank to spin the world.
There is the moon, with its expression of alarm.
We could get lost, everything so glazed in stillness,
even sound glazed, more tinny and brittle, our cries barely audible.
The dog in the surf is watching its owner walk away.
The surf is flat as a shimmering platter and the dog
is just a speck running in silence then vanishing
behind the point where the lighthouse is.
And we’re walking away, now that it’s dusk and the day moving on,
having forgotten why we came out to begin with.

Follow this link to read to the end or, better yet, to listen to Janet read her piece.

Read more great flash stories here.

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