Li’l Mister’s Nap Time by Celeste Patereau

Ok, time to get the li’l mister down for his nap.
I swear I spend four hours a day trying to get him to sleep for two.
With all the pomp and circumstance, I feel sorry for his future mate …

I must have my outfit just so, and I must have my bears lined up around the crib. Oh, and some nursing would be nice. And the battery-powered candle please, with the soft whir of the air filter, the door cracked one-half inch, blackout curtains drawn, NO SOCKS, a pacifier, and a half dozen lullabies. Maybe eight or so minutes of humming and some random ‘nighty nights’?’ No kissing or cuddling or smothering, but    …  hey, DON’T LEAVE!

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